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Hobart MIG Welders

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Hobart Handler 210MVP with Multi-Voltage Plug 230 Wire Feed Welder Part #500553 Product photo on white background
Hobart Handler 210MVP with Multi-Voltage Plug 230 Wire Feed Welder
Hobart Handler 190 Wire Feed Welder Part#500554
Hobart Handler 190 Wire Feed Welder
Hobart Handler 140 Wire Feed Welder Part#500559
Hobart Handler 140 Wire Feed Welder
Hobart Handler 140 Wire Feed Welder Part#500500
Hobart Handler 140 Wire Feed Welder
Out of Stock
Hobart IronMan 230 Wire Feed Welder Package 500536
Hobart IronMan 230 Wire Feed Welder
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Hobart MIG Welding Machines at Welder Supply

MIG (Metal Inert Gas) welding is also known as Gas Metal Arc Welding (GMAW). Hobart refers to their MIG welders as Wire Feed welders, a reference to the wire fed into the torch. In MIG welding, an electrical arc is generated between this consumable wire and the metal being worked on. The arc melts the wire, which hardens on the metals being joined to create a strong bond.

Hobart makes some of the most popular MIG welding machines on the market today—in both 110v and 220v. If you’re looking for a welder to use in your garage or on the farm, a 110v Hobart machine will handle everything from auto body work to repairing metal lawn furniture and building small trailers. These machines are portable and will run on most household outlets, although they usually only reach their maximum rated power if plugged into a dedicated 20amp line.

Why Choose a MIG Welder?

MIG welders are the most popular choice for beginning welders and for all-around home use, due to the relatively low learning curve. If you can only have one welding machine, a MIG welder is your best choice. MIG welders are also a standby in professional shops. Because of its speed, versatility, and the comparative ease with which MIG welding can be adapted to robotic animation, it is now the most commonly used industrial welding process.

Hobart Handler Series Welders

From the budget-friendly Hobart Handler 130 to the Handler 210MVP with Multi-Voltage Plug, Hobart’s wire feed welders cover every price point and application. For heavy-duty work, Hobart also makes the powerful Ironman 230.

Hobart’s Wire Feed Welders consistently get great reviews. Their Handler 140 Wire Welder model was ranked the top 110V MIG welder of 2018 by onlytopreviews.com, and their Handler 190 with SpoolRunner 100 came in a close second to the Millermatic 211 in the Best 220V MIG welder category.

Hobart also develops and manufactures a complete line of filler metals: tubular wires (metal-cored and flux-cored), solid wires and stick electrodes. If you’re buying a Hobart wire feed welder, look to Welders Supply for filler metals.


  • Maintenance
  • Construction
  • Auto Body
  • Farm/Ranch
  • Rental
  • DIY Projects

For Use On:

  • Steel
  • Stainless steel
  • Aluminum

Lowest Prices On Hobart MIG Welders and Free Shipping on Orders Over $300

Besides the lowest possible prices on Hobart Wire Feed MIG welding machines, Welders Supply offers free shipping within the continental US on all orders over $300.

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